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Coney Island Hot Wieners

Anyone ready for a Coney I-Lander coney? While many restaurants have come and gone, Coney Island Hot Wieners have become a tradition dating as far back as 1926. This marks the second-oldest continuously operated restaurant in Tulsa and continues to blossom. Greek Immigrant, Chis Economou, opened his first Coney Island restaurant in 1919 in Pennsylvania. His son Jim Economou believes the restaurant survived the Depression and other economic struggles because of the affordability of the product. Listen here as Jim tells how Coney Island rose to be the long-lasting tradition of so many of our lives as he carries on the legacy of his father.

Mullendore Mystery

September 26th, 2014 marked the 44th Anniversary of the unsolved Mullendore Mystery where E.C. Mullendore was murdered on his own ranch in Osage County. The question of who shot E.C. is further explored in the interview with Sheriff George Wayman who was there moments after the murder. Listen here as he gives his personal account of the happenings of that tragic evening and delves into details never heard before. Both Sheriff Wayman and Holton Payne unveil the shocking series of events that led up to the murder and aid in tying up some loose ends.

News from Voices of Oklahoma

Take the opportunity to come visit the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage County near Pawhuska, Oklahoma after listening to the captivating history behind it. Let this interview enhance your experience as you truly engage in the history behind the star focal point of the preserve: the bison. See for yourself the breathtaking view as the leaves and grass change colors before your very eyes as this landmark is continually and beautifully preserved. Enjoy the story and your visit.

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On Sept 26, 1970, E.C. Mullendore was shot and murdered on his own ranch in Osage County. Tune in as Sheriff George Wayman, who was the Sheriff of Osage County at the time of the murder, shares his experience of this historical murder. After all these years the crime of this murder has remained unsolved…

The Story of Will Rogers and Wiley Post

In the summer of 1935, Will Rogers, an active proponent of aviation, took a sightseeing trip to Alaska with a fellow Oklahoman and world-renowned aviator, Wiley Post. The plane Wiley was flying was an experimental and top-heavy hybrid of Lockheed Explorer and Orion parts. On August 15, 1935 their trip ended early as the plane crashed near Point Barrow, Alaska, which killed both men.

Coke Meyer, the grandniece of Will Rogers, talks about that day in Chapter 8 of her interview. Doris Lane Meyer, nicknamed Coke, was 16 years old on that fatal day. When you continue to listen to the interview, Chapter 9 has the tribute given by President Franklin Roosevelt.

People all around the world were taken aback by this tragedy and they all have their personal account of how it affected their life. In our interview with Henry Zarrow, he talks about Will Rogers and the accounts of that tragic day.  Listen to Chapter 8 to hear the story firsthand.

100 Women with Moxie

To celebrate their centennial in a remarkable way, the YWCA Tulsa will recognize 100 women that have shaped Tulsa by their honorable quality of moxie. Sharon King Davis will host this event on December 2, 2014. Voices of Oklahoma was fortunate enough to have 7 of these remarkable ladies share their oral history with Voices of Oklahoma. These include: Betty Boyd, Nancy Feldman, Peggy Helmerich, Nancy McDonald, Lynn Schusterman, Eva Unterman and Maxine Zarrow. Listen to their stories and you will hear why they were chosen as one of the 100 leading ladies of Tulsa.


Tulsa Baseball Story

Why are the Drillers not known as the Oilers?
Bill Rollings and Wayne McCombs tell the story of Tulsa baseball beginning with the collapse of the third base stands at Oiler Park in 1977. Experience the authentic sounds of the Drillers Stadium at 15th and Yale as never before stories are captured. Get the full story of how an angel went to jail and the intricate details behind the creation of the stadium. You can listen now and share the story with your baseball friends and fans.

Hobby Lobby Verdict

The Supreme Court ruled Monday, June 30th in favor of the family-owned business, Hobby Lobby. This ruling stated that the government cannot force certain employers to pay for birth control. You can listen to David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, in his oral history interview here on Voices of Oklahoma. He talks about the early days of Hobby Lobby and how his faith has been the driving force behind his business.


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Voice of KWGS

The voice you hear identifying KWGS radio in Tulsa is that of Ed Dumit. On June 20, 2014 Ed passed away and left an incredible legacy behind at the age of 84 years old. He served the University of Tulsa for thirty-eight years as: a teacher of broadcasting courses, a manager, a program director and as an arts producer of the public radio station KWGS. Ed Dumit possessed a truly beautiful broadcast voice. He joined us for our interview with former Tulsa University President Ben Henneke and you can soon hear Ed’s personal recollections of his life.