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See how media outlets across the globe are reporting on Voices of Oklahoma and our historical and educational impact.

Latest Stories

Tulsa surgeon & Cain's Ballroom owner remembered in his own words

MAY 19, 2023

Dr. Jim Rodgers, accomplished surgeon and owner of Cain’s Ballroom, passed away Wednesday at the age of 71. Rodgers had two very different civic roles. No one could sum up his legacy better than himself.

Attribution: News Channel 8, Sam Gelfand

George Nigh-orchestrated theatrics helped 'Oklahoma' become state song 70 years ago

MAR 4, 2023

Ten years after “Oklahoma!” debuted on Broadway, a young Oklahoma legislator mounted a charge to make the catchy title song the state song of Oklahoma. Problem: Oklahoma already had a state song.

Attribution: Tulsa World, Jimmie Tramel

Perspectives: John Erling - Voice of Oklahoma

JAN 17, 2023

Sam's guest is longtime broadcaster and author John Erling. He discusses the second volume of his book, "Voices of Oklahoma".

Attribution: RSU Public TV, John Erling

Column: A time when the weight of water healed an Oklahoma community

DEC 2, 2022

A 1980s Bell, Oklahoma, water project led by Wilma Mankiller, her husband Charlie Soap and the Cherokee Nation showed how a common goal can bridge divides.

Attribution: Tulsa World, John Erling

The British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) Radio 4: “The Tulsa Tragedy that Shamed America”

MAY 29, 2021

Our oral histories were used as a part of the BBC's special on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. See their excellent reporting and how British audiences reacted to the story.

Attribution: British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), Radio 4

John Erling Interviews Dr. Bruce Howell About the Beginnings of the Pensacola Dam & Grand Lake

SEP 22, 2020

Full Credit Media's brilliant editing of the story of Dr. Bruce Howell and his interview concerning the beginnings of the Pensacola Dam.

Attribution: Full Credit Media

Need Entertainment? Listen to Roy Clark and Many Others Share 'Voices of Oklahoma' Tales

APR 27, 2020

A wonderful article by Tulsa World's Jimmie Tramel and why he believes Voices of Oklahoma is a rich resource of entertainment and education for listeners of all ages.

Attribution: Tulsa World, Jimmie Tramel

John Erling Interview with Sam Jones on RSU TV's "Perspectives"

FEB 8, 2019

John Erling sat down with Sam Jones on RSU Public TV's "Perspectives" to discuss Voices of Oklahoma and the rich content it offers to Oklahomans of all ages.

Attribution: RSU Public TV, Sam Jones

News Channel 8 (KTUL) Coverage of Voices of Oklahoma Book

JAN 16, 2019

Tulsa's own KTUL Channel 8 News sits down with John Erling to discuss the Voices of Oklahoma book.

Attribution: KTUL, Sam McCombs

"Paging Through History: Voices of Oklahoma book allows readers to 'eavesdrop' on state's best stories

DEC 23, 2018

The Tulsa World chronicles the origins and impact of John Erling and Voices of Oklahoma

Attribution: Tulsa World, Jimmie Tramel

Q&A with John Erling: Oral history website records voices of 200+ Oklahomans

DEC 25, 2018

The Oklahoman chronicle the impact of John Erling and the more than 200+ oral histories recorded on the Voices of Oklahoma website.

Attribution: The Oklahoman, Paula Burkes

Voices of Oklahoma: Oklahomans share their stories in their own words

FEB 12, 2017

Former KRMG radio personality John Erling has conducted nearly 200 interviews with Oklahomans so their stories can be made available to others at

Attribution: Tulsa World, Jimmie Tramel

Voices of Oklahoma, the Ongoing Oral History Website Created by Tulsa Radio Legend John Erling

APR 14, 2015

Public Radio Tulsa sits down with John Erling and talks about his life, career, and his work in chronicling the stories of influential Oklahomans through

Attribution: Public Radio Tulsa, Rich Fisher

Hearing Voices — Recording History

JUL 20, 2010

TulsaPeople sits down with John Erling to discuss his ongoing work in chronicling the legacies and stories of influential Oklahomans through his website

Attribution: TulsaPeople, John Hamill