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In Memoriam Stories

Dave Whitlock —

Dave Whitlock


World-renowned fly fisherman whose talents include painting, illustrating, writing, photography, fly tying, and lecturing.

Dale McNamara —

Dale McNamara


Dale built the TU women's golf program from the ground up and it grew to be the gold standard in the sport.

Ramona Reed —

Ramona Reed


A County Music Hall of Fame member, her accomplished career includes many performances at the Grand Ole Opry.

Dr. C. T. Thompson —

Dr. C. T. Thompson


His career as a surgeon and hospital administrator spanned a time of great social and medical change in the United States.

Audrey Pullen —

Audrey Pullen


An interesting life that includes living at the base of Mt. Rushmore as her father carved the monument.

Enoch Kelly Haney —

Enoch Kelly Haney


Native son with a heart to serve people; as a politician, Seminole Chief, and an internationally-recognized artist.

Jasmine Moran —

Jasmine Moran


A story of humility, compassion, and good cheer.

Bob Borlase —

Bob Borlase


An everyday American couple who dedicated their lives to serving their country and their community.

Jay O’Meilia —

Jay O’Meilia


"People ask what I consider to be my masterpiece, and I tell them I have five: my children."

Charles Ford —

Charles Ford


Former State Senator discusses artwork on display at the Oklahoma State Capital and his efforts to help expand the collection.

Joe Morris —

Joe Morris


A lover of law whose remarkable career includes serving as U.S. District Court Chief Judge.

Maxine Zarrow —

Maxine Zarrow


A story of family, philanthropy, community, and commitment.

Keith Ballard —

Keith Ballard


Grace, class, and dignity -- those are three qualities this dedicated educator strives for each day as he battles ALS.

Clayton Vaughn —

Clayton Vaughn


As a widely-respected news broadcaster, he was the face of KOTV news three separate times over nearly half a century.

Harry Stege —

Harry Stege


Third-generation officer with a reputation for being a hardworking, innovative, and supportive leader.

Robert G. Perryman —

Robert G. Perryman


His family roots run deep in the origin of Tulsa, where he spent 40+ years as a surgeon.

David Easton —

David Easton


Jimmy Steinmeyer talks about his partner, David -- a highly sought-after designer and architect.

Frederick Drummond —

Frederick Drummond


Patriarch of the famous Osage County ranching dynasty and Stanford educated banker.

Dr. James B. Buskirk —

Dr. James B. Buskirk


Together, he and his wife Nancy dedicated their lives to ministry.

John F. Hausam —

John F. Hausam


After unwittingly avoiding death in war, he eventually established one of the largest real estate companies in Tulsa.

Eddie Sutton —

Eddie Sutton


With 804 career wins, he has earned a place in Oklahoma college basketball history.

Maxine Horner —

Maxine Horner


One of the first African-American women in the Oklahoma State Senate, serving from 1986 to 2004.

Lee Roy West —

Lee Roy West


"Life should be fun." Wests's refreshing motto has been his guide for over 80 years.

Paul Andert —

Paul Andert


A decorated WWII veteran, Paul Andert exemplifies bravery and patriotism.

Rex Calvert —

Rex Calvert


He fought in four WWII battles with the Fourth Marine Division and earned the Purple Heart.

Wavel Ashbaugh —

Wavel Ashbaugh


Her advice for living to 105 is to "put one foot in front of the other and keep going."

Doug Campbell —

Doug Campbell


A life-long interior designer who chooses to be happy despite fighting ALS on a daily basis.

Tom Clark —

Tom Clark


Tom's business skills and successes gave him the opportunity to make a lasting impact in Tulsa.

Dr. John Coates —

Dr. John Coates


His talents took him all over the world, but he returned to Oklahoma to begin his medical practice and raise his family.

Sam P. Daniel —

Sam P. Daniel


Inspired by his childhood neighbor, Alfred P. Murrah, Sam had 50+ years of experience practicing law.

Gloria Dialectic —

Gloria Dialectic


She dedicated her career to helping society's most vulnerable citizens.

Mary Jo Guthrie —

Mary Jo Guthrie


Woody Guthrie's little sister shares stories about one of America's most renowned folks singers.

Maxine Kelamis —

Maxine Kelamis


Maxine Kelamis and her son, Bill, tell a story of immigration, food, and the American dream.

T. Boone Pickens —

T. Boone Pickens


Hard work and generosity by the billions.

Steve Ripley —

Steve Ripley


A rock and roll legend in our own backyard who worked with some of the greats.

Porter Reed —

Porter Reed


As an athlete in the Negro Leagues, he played baseball with the greats.

Bill Thorpe —

Bill Thorpe


Bill Thorpe talks about his father, Jim -- regarded as the greatest athlete in the 20th century.

Allan Trimble —

Allan Trimble


Beloved high school coaching legend who won championships, battled ALS, and left an incredible legacy of leadership.

Jenny Brouse —

Jenny Brouse


From Russian to Tulsa. Jenny and her son, Brian, tell the family's immigration story.

Roy Clark —

Roy Clark


A big "Saa-lute" to the man best known for hosting the long-running varity show Hee Haw.

Denzil Garrison —

Denzil Garrison


After serving the US in WWII and the Korean War, he served Oklahoma in both state houses.

Robert L. Jones —

Robert L. Jones


Bob's contributions to mid-centry and modern architecture dot the landscapes of Oklahoma's cities.

Guy Logsdon —

Guy Logsdon


A man who celebrates the music and culture of folks artists, cowboys, and western swing.

Opal Moss —

Opal Moss


Voices of Oklahoma celebrates 100 interviews with Oklahoma centenarians Vida Culvern and Opal Moss, sharing the lessons and wisdom they have learned.

Kenneth Renberg —

Kenneth Renberg


A German-American Jewish immigant who bravely fought in World War II to "get back at Hitler."

Bill Rollings —

Bill Rollings


Bill Rollings saved professional baseball for the city of Tulsa. He tells of the rocky history of the Oilers and the Drillers.

Barbara Santee —

Barbara Santee


For more than 40 years, she was a leading voice for women's reproductive rights.

Mike Samara —

Mike Samara


Known as the friendly owner of Celebrity Club, he also helped bring liquor-by-the-drink to Oklahoma.

Paul Thornbrugh —

Paul Thornbrugh


Known as "Mr. Republican," Paul was a businessman, patriot, public servant, politician, and -- most proudly -- a family man.

Penny Williams —

Penny Williams


A political champion for education in the state of Oklahoma and the city of Tulsa.

Coke Meyer —

Coke Meyer


Doris "Coke" Meyer speaks about her great-uncle, Will Rogers, Oklahoma's favorite son.

Frosty Troy —

Frosty Troy


Member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame and nationally-acclaimed advocate for public education.

Rev. Dr. John B. Wolf —

Rev. Dr. John B. Wolf


As a senior minister at All Souls Unitarian Church, he used his pulpit to promote civil rights for minorities, women, and children.

Chester Cadieux —

Chester Cadieux


The story of building QuikTrip into one of Oklahoma's most beloved companies.

Ray Feldman —

Ray Feldman


A lover of the law and human rights, anthropology, nature, and -- most of all -- his wife Nancy.

David Hall —

David Hall


He won Oklahoma's closest gubernatorial race to become the state's 20th governor.

Red Stevenson —

Red Stevenson


Colorful businessman and high-flying storyteller.

Shawnee Stewart —

Shawnee Stewart


"They call Staff Sergeant Milton S. Stewart of Sallisaw, Oklahoma the lickiest man in his outfit." - Press Release to Radio Station KOCY, Oklahoma City.

John Brooks Walton —

John Brooks Walton


A career as an architect and author gives him a unique view of Tulsa's residential history.

Ed Malzahn —

Ed Malzahn


His wisdom and guidance nurtured Ditch Witch into a competitor in the global marketplace.

Chope Phillips —

Chope Phillips


They chose the quiet life of ranchers over the Phillips family oil empire.

Robert E. Thomas —

Robert E. Thomas


The ambitious founder of Mapco chose Tulsa for its headquarters.

Carl Willis —

Carl Willis


These once-popular stamps traded like dollar bills and have an interesting Oklahoma connection.

Nancy Feldman —

Nancy Feldman


Her legacy will long be remembered in the city of Tulsa.

Wishard Lemons —

Wishard Lemons


An Industrial Chaplain for Parker Drilling. He traveled to 135 rigs in 29 different countries tending to the psychological and spiritual well-being of their employees.

William Pogue —

William Pogue


A story of how Bill's distinguished Air Force career led to becoming a NASA astronaut.

Wess Young —

Wess Young


Survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and dedicated activist is joined by his wife, Cathryn.

Henry Zarrow —

Henry Zarrow


A generous heart and humble spirit make him one of Oklahoma's most beloved.

Johnnie Coe —

Johnnie Coe


A personal account of Tulsa's history and the life of a woman who lived there for 98 1/2 years.

Charles Banks Wilson —

Charles Banks Wilson


An Oklahoma native, Wilson and his paintings are a state and national reasure.

Ann Bartlett —

Ann Bartlett


Ann served the state of Oklahoma alongside her husband, Dewey Bartlett.

Charles Faudree —

Charles Faudree


The world-renowned interior designer and author chose to stay close to home.

Ken Greenwood —

Ken Greenwood


He was a tireless promoter of the state of Oklahoma as well as a life-long nature conservationist.

John Hughes —

John Hughes


Rancher, cattleman, beef expert, beloved family man, and tireless advocate for Oklahoma agriculture.

Bob Kurland —

Bob Kurland


Oklahoma's own "7-footer" Olympic medalist.

Wanda Lemons —

Wanda Lemons


A beloved professor at both Tulsa Public Schools and Oral Roberts University and avid runner, Wanda Lemons was a tireless servant of the church, beloved by her family and her community.

Bob Norman —

Bob Norman


A desire to "see the world through a porthole" landed him right in the middle of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

Curly Lewis —

Curly Lewis


Not only did he play fiddle with the great names of Western Swing, he was one of them himself.

Danny Williams —

Danny Williams


Listen to the oral history of Danny Williams, member of the Oklahoma Broadcasters Hall of Fame who dominated the airwaves for seven decades.

John Williams —

John Williams


John, co-founder of Williams Companies and long-time CEO, is also well-known for his community leadership.

Ray Ackerman —

Ray Ackerman


Known as "Old Man River," Ray made as career as an ad man and entrepreneur.

Margery Mayo Bird —

Margery Mayo Bird


Philanthropist and senior stateswoman of the Mayo family.

Otis Clark —

Otis Clark


106-year-old evangelist and survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

Walt Helmerich —

Walt Helmerich


Listen to the story of the man that inspired the beginning of Voices of Oklahoma.

Lilah Marshall —

Lilah Marshall


A true pioneer, she built her family bakery, Bama, into an international company.

Sid Patterson —

Sid Patterson


His legacy lives on in Tulsa's buildings, in its road infrastructure, and in the "Up with Trees" program.

Ken Trickey —

Ken Trickey


An influential leader who brought national attention and competitive success to ORU basketball.

Bob Barry, Sr. —

Bob Barry, Sr.


For half a century, his voice was synonymous with Oklahoma football.

Betty Boyd —

Betty Boyd


Tulsa's unlikely TV personality and state legislator who captured the hearts of many.

Jim Hewgley —

Jim Hewgley


An oilman who was instrumental in advancing Tulsa's economic and social landscape.

Joe Moore —

Joe Moore


He combined businessman and comforter as he gracefully guided people through times of loss.

Steve Stephenson —

Steve Stephenson


After founding Steve's Sundry in 1947, he was cherished by Tulsa's readers and authors.

Wilma Mankiller —

Wilma Mankiller


"I want to be remembered as the person who helped us restore faith in ourselves."

Marian Opala —

Marian Opala


From the Polish underground to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Bill Vandever —

Bill Vandever


The story of Vandevers Department Store and the family's many years of faithful civic duty.

Henry Bellmon —

Henry Bellmon


From the farm, to the war, to the Governor's mansion. Then finally back to the farm.

Ben Henneke —

Ben Henneke


Under his outstanding leadership, The University of Tulsa accomplished a long list of milestones.

Oral Roberts —

Oral Roberts


Hear his inspirational final interview.