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More Inspiring and Entertaining Stories from the Sooner State!

Inside you’ll find stories on why wiener is spelled “weiner” on a Coney Island storefront in Tulsa. The Lenapah High School graduate who was the first woman to co-host a national network television sports show (The Wide World of Sport). The time when Tulsa was an “open town” from a cop on the beat.

Oklahomans who have excelled in the arts from architecture to photography, and Native American artists who excelled in their field. Stories from the greatest left-handed pitcher in baseball, and how the Greatest Olympian showed his natural athletic ability to his son. Lawyers, doctors, preachers, those who served our country, and those who fought for their civil rights.

All of that and more including behind the scenes with Lucille Ball, “ALS—the Triumph of the Human Spirit,” and inside the book and movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

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Surprise the student, teacher, or history buff in your life by giving them the gift of Oklahoma's most influential voices.

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About John Erling

Following his retirement from his top-rated morning radio talk show on Tulsa’s KRMG, John Erling hardly rested on his laurels (which included induction into the Oklahoma Broadcasters Hall of Fame). After a three-year sojourn in advertising, he turned his attention to two of his first interests: Oklahoma history, and how oral history could contribute to Oklahoma History.

The result, in 2009, was the founding by Erling of, a website (and now a podcast and two books) that includes interviews with Oklahomans from all walks of life—from statesmen (and women) to entertainers, and from sports heroes to unsung heroes of World War II.

The success of is demonstrated by its continued growth, its wide acceptance by both teachers and students, and Erling’s induction into the Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame.

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